FEB '16 - We've Changed our name!

Formerly known as the Five 40 Roller Girls, Fredericksburg Roller Derby (FRD) is excited to represent their hometown in a new way. As we head into 2016 we are excited to do so with a name that the community can rally behind and a name that both represents and encompasses all of our amazing league members.


Your Five 40 Roller Girls gear is offically retired and vintage, but we could not thank you more for all the support you have given us over the years. We hope that you are just as excited for this next chapter as we are.

FEB '16 - Introducing Your 2016 FRD ALL STARS

We are excited to introduce to you the first ever Fredericksburg Roller Derby All Stars!

Bettie BareKnuckles - Captain

Boo Boo Bushee'

Mad Libs
Marth Vader
Monster Rock
Mosh Pit Momma - Captain
Rosie D. Ribhitter
Swiss Spank Her
Thin Mint

Mar 29 - FRD Lauch Party!!

With the season home opener right around the corner, what better time to come meet, hang out and celebrate this next chapter of league?!


Join us at Adventer Brewing for the launch of Fredericksburg Roller Derby and be one of the first fans to not only get your FRD swag, but also snap some photos with your hometown roller derby team!

Feb 28 - Last Game as Five 40

It was a unique and exciting start to our 2016 season. While we kicked it off with our first game of the season, we also closed out our final chapter as the Five 40 Roller Girls.


Thank you Dominion All Stars for the early morning and challenging start to our season, and for helping us close out our chapter as the Five 40 Roller Girls.


It has been a fun and exciting ride, and we are forever grateful for everyone who has helped us write each chapter.


Between the abundance of derby, buttery lobstah', team bonding & cute towns, it is easy to say we are thrilled to be returning to Rock Coast Roller's Coastal Chaos Tournament in Rockland, Maine.

Check out all the fun we had last year!

Over the winter "break" some FRD skaters and coach, TimBo Slice, carpooled to Manassas, VA for Derby School with Scald Eagle hosted by Nova Roller Derby.


While there, FRD skaters were able to tap into Scald's sea of knowledge and took full advantage of their morning with the WFTDA Champ.

2015 is in the books!

With the close of our 2015 Home Season, we'd like to give an extra big thank you to everyone who helped make it possible.


Thank you Golden Skateworld for hosting another season, allowing us to use the rink for practice and games and for giving our fans a place to cheer us on!


Thank you Volunteers, Referees and NSOs your the time that have given us this season. Without you, tickets wouldn't be collected, beer wouldnt be sold, scores wouldn't be kept and the game could get messy. Thank you for all you do!

Thank you Fans for always being there to cheer us on! This season, we saw some or our largest crowds in the stands and around the track. If there was ever a moment we doubted ourselves, this season you were there to remind us we could do it. Thanks for ringing your cowbells & cheering extra loud.


Thank you Home Team Grill for hosting another season of after parties! We never smell great when we show up and we are usually loud, but you always welcome us with open arms.

Checkout the Referees & NSOs who made sure our game against Rocktown was possible!

SEP 19  LAST HOME BOUT AS FIVE 40 RollEr Girls!!

They maybe called Rocktown, but we had no intentions of letting them rock our town!

Five 40 took home the win 198-100 against the Rocktown Rollers on Saturday, September 19, 2015. From Five 40, Monster Rock took home the MVP Jammer award and Rosie D. Ribhitter received the MVP Blocker award.


That same evening, Five 40 hosted a raffle benefiting the Tschrin family and Mike's battle with cancer. The raffle was a huge success and with everyone's help, we were able to send the family home with over $800.


Thank you again to all who donated and participated in the raffle.